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Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Three Floyds Gumballhead Video Beer Review

An American Wheat Beer brewed with red wheat and boat loads of amarillo hops gives this summer brew a lemony finish. The slight haze in the bottle is from the bottle-conditioning, where yeast is added to the bottle for a secondary fermentation. Gumballhead is a Skingraft Comics hero. Check out Skingraft Comics and Records at www.skingraftrecords.com. Cheers! Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Spotlights: Modern Times Beer | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Today on Beer Geek Nation we spotlight and up and coming brewery out of San Diego, CA called Modern Times Beer. We look at their 4 flagship beers which can be purchased in a 4 pack for $10.99 at Inside The Cellar.Check out the beers and let me know what you think. Personally I can’t wait to try more from these guys! Read More »

Green Flash/Founders Linchpin White IPA | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 352

“There’s a lot going on in this beer with two yeast strains, copious amounts of wheat malt, and a big focus on ‘C’ hops to deliver a citrus explosion,” explains Green Flash Brewmaster, Chuck Silva. “In fact we lined up more than a dozen hop varieties in the brewery to select three hops with the biggest citrus character to dry hop the beer. “This golden beer pours with beautiful, frothy white beer foam that lasts due to bottle conditioning. Gently rousing the yeast that settles in the bottle will result in a fuller texture and a more cloudy white appearance. The citrus aromas that jump from the glass are largely tangerine up front with other types of citrus notes that mingle with the Belgian yeast esters. Hop flavors of bitter orange zest dominate the brew and linger to the finish with a nice play ... Read More »

Dogfish Head ta Henket | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 281

Working with our archeologist friend Dr. Pat McGovern, this beer was created to incorporate the ancient ingredients and techniques described in Egyptian hieroglyphics. It was brewed to 11.4Plato with Emmer (an ancient form of wheat) and loaves of hearth baked bread and flavored with dom-palm fruit, chamomile, and zatar. Fermentation was carried out by a native Egyptian saccharomyces yeast strain captured by Sam and Floris during a recent trip to Egypt. ABV went from 5 to 4.5%. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: The Lost Abbey Witch’s Wit Video Beer Review

Lost Abbey Summer Seasonal made with grapefruit honey and grapefruit zest. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Firestone Walker Solace Video Beer Review

Never under estimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be in a well-made (fish) taco and a cold bottle of (wheat) beer.” Tom Robbins Product Specs: OG = 14P / 1.057SG FG = 2.5P / 1.010SG Color = 6 SRM IBUs = 15 ABV = 6.0% Appearance = Hazy / Opalescent Brewing Program: Summertime Fusion Wheat Beer from Firestone Walker. Multi-step infusion mashing program using wheat to insure a creamy mouth feel Traditional biological acidification program to insure bright zesty acidity Warm (free range) farm-house style fermentation to add tropical flavors and spicy aroma Cold conditioned and blended to soften, mellow and round Presented unfiltered to retain all flavor, aroma, texture and visual opalescence Lightly hopped with a unique blend to add spicy balanced drinkability Recipe Components: Hops: Yakima Valley Willamette, French Strissel Spalt ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Samuel Adams Imperial White Video Beer Review

Sam Adams Imperial White pushes the boundaries of a witbier. While the brew delivers orange and coriander notes typical of a witbier, it has a bigger mouthfeel and body. It is truly a unique brew. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Deschutes & Boulevard Conflux No. 2 Video Beer Review

Second in a series, this citrusy, smooth, white India Pale Ale is a fortuitous meeting of Deschutes’ hop skills and Boulevard’s deft wheat touch. What’s 1800 miles when a great beer is at stake? Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Style Weisse Video Beer Review

Created by Dr. Fritz Briem of Doemens Institute, brewed by Weihenstephan & Doemens (ed: Weihenstephan denies this), “1809” is a very traditional interpretation of the “Berliner Style” Weisse with an intense blend of lactic tartness and complex fruitiness. It is bottle-conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurized. “1809” will age beautifully in a dark and cool location. Its complex fruitiness and tartness will most likely develop in quite astonishing ways. “1809” is fermented in traditional open fermenters and horizontal lager tanks. The applied mashing regime is a single step decoction mash with 50 % wheat malt.The total amount of hops is added to the mash so that isomerisation takes place in the decocotion part of the mash. The wort is not boiled but only heated up to boiling temperature and then transferred to the open fermenters and pitched with yeast and lactic acid bacteria (isolated from malt) ... Read More »

Dogfish Head Festina Peche | Beer Geek Nation Video Beer Reviews Episode 216

[google1] A refreshing neo-Berliner Weisse fermented with peaches. Food Pairing recommendations: Grilled chicken or fish, salad. Glassware recommendation: Pint Wine comparable: Pinot Grigio Read More »