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From Cosmos to Craft: changing womens mind about beer

So you want your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/the lovely lady in your life to drink craft beer? Well gentlemen, this is no easy task. As I’m sure you know, women can be difficult to sway, especially when they are already set in their ways. Fret not guys, because I have a few suggestions on how to get her started and continue her growth into the delicious world of craft beer.

Before we begin, you’re probably wondering ‘who is this chick.’ Well, this chick is a woman who loves craft beer, but it wasn’t always this way. In typical female fashion, I had a set drink that was my go-to and would only sip and sample what others had along the way. But, as time went by, more and more people offered me the chance to try what they were drinking and eventually the flavors grew on me. Now, I am the founder and one of two contributors at Stouts and Stilettos, a site devoted to women talking about beer.
So, how do you get other wonderful women to be like me? I took a survey of other females who enjoy craft beer and found a common theme among the stories. It seems as though my history with craft beer is quite similar to other women; a guy they were dating/good friends with kept letting them try beers, buying them craft beers, and encouraging them to continue their journey into the unknown. Some women had never liked any beer, let alone craft, and with time their palette changed. Others had tried a few here and there but had little guidance on what styles and flavors they would prefer so they ‘never got into it’ until someone was there to help.

Every woman is different, but if you can show her craft beer in a way that is meaningful to her, you have a better chance. For example, if your girl really likes to cook or already has an interest in food + wine pairings, show her how beer can be paired almost the same way. Maybe even make a dinner for her? (PS WOMEN LOVE THAT!) If you’ve noticed that every time you go out she orders a sweet or fruitier drink, suggest she try a fruit flavored or sweeter beer. That way she isn’t entirely out of her comfort zone.

I think the most important part of all is to be positive and supportive. If you hand her a beer and she absolutely hates it, find out what flavors she doesn’t like in it and find something else to fix it. The last thing she wants to hear is you going on and on about how she doesn’t appreciate this or that about your favorite beer and blah blah blah…you’ve already lost her. To me, just being offered the chance to try something I don’t usually drink really helped expand my favorite drinks from just wheat-style beers to just about everything. I have the hardest time turning down a dark, delicious stout which you wouldn’t have seen anywhere near my lips just a few short years ago.

I wish you the best of luck as you undertake this journey together into some delicious memories with beer. And, ladies, give it a chance because you just might find something you like!

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