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From Cosmos to Craft: changing womens mind about beer

So you want your wife/fiancee/girlfriend/the lovely lady in your life to drink craft beer? Well gentlemen, this is no easy task. As I’m sure you know, women can be difficult to sway, especially when they are already set in their ways. Fret not guys, because I have a few suggestions on how to get her started and continue her growth into the delicious world of craft beer. Before we begin, you’re probably wondering ‘who is this chick.’ Well, this chick is a woman who loves craft beer, but it wasn’t always this way. In typical female fashion, I had a set drink that was my go-to and would only sip and sample what others had along the way. But, as time went by, more and more people offered me the chance to try what they were drinking and eventually the flavors grew on me. ... Read More »

An Interview with a Craft Beer Bottle Shop Owner and His DFH Punkin Event…

Al’s of Hampden has become something of an icon in the central Pennsylvania beer scene. With currently 24 taps and 3 hand pumps it is a must visit for any beer geek in the Harrisburg area. Oh and if the taps list was not enough Al has a giant selection of bottles and six packs as well. In this interview we discussed the in’s and out’s of being a six pack/bottle shop/pizza shop owner and how he single handedly figured out how to carve a niche out for himself in the craft beer scene in PA. Below the interview is a video I shot at a recent Pumpkin beer event at Al’s of Hampden. The highlight of the event was Dogfish Head’s Punkin that was run through a pumpkin filled with cinnamon sticks. Both Ben and I both give a brief description in the ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Beer Cellar Video Tour

Hey guys I get a lot of requests for a video of my beer cellar. So here it is. Its kind of an unorganized mess right now but im in the middle of organizing it and getting it all put on a spreadsheet. Eventually Ill post the spreadsheet so you guys can see whats all there. Cheers! Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Presents a Brief Q&A with Joe Short of Short’s Brewing

I recently had the chance to send over Joe Short, owner/brewer, of Shorts Brewing a few questions about beer, brewing and life in general. Check out what he had to say below. Also be sure to check out our review for their Key Lime Pie ale which is linked below. If you guys have not had a chance to check out Shorts yet here is a description from their website of what they are all about: In April of 2004 we opened the doors to Short’s Brewing Company in the quaint Village of Bellaire.  Beer was the mission, and liberation was the movement.  With a lot of elbow grease, blind ambition and a little luck, the quest to create a community pub in Northwest Lower Michigan began to take shape.  The philosophy was to bring an appreciation of craft beer to the north with ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Iron Fist Brewing Tour and Tasting

Before opening day of Vista’s latest brewery, Iron Fist Brewing Co., I take a tour, sample their beers and discuss brewing philosophy with the guys behind the brewery. Iron Fist specializes in Belgian style ales but will be featuring other styles to compliment. So far the lineup includes Renegade Blonde (Kolsch), Hired Hand (Saison/Farmhouse Ale), Spice Of Life (Belgian spice ale), Golden Age (Belgian Strong Golden Ale) and Double Fisted (Belgian Dubbel). Future brews include Dark Days (Imperial Stout) and The Resistance (Belgian Wild Ale), both of which will be aged in barrels for six months. Iron Fist Brewing Company is a family owned brewery located in Vista, California, smack-dab in the middle of the exciting San Diego craft beer scene. Our passion for the best hand crafted beer prompted us to make a lot of it. However, we quickly realized we were making ... Read More »

Interview with a Craft Brewer: Brian Henrici of Brewery Ommegang

Chris: So first off Brian thanks for taking the time to talk with us Chris: So lets just start at the beggining what exactly is your role at Ommegang BRIAN-OMMEGANG: I am one of the night shift brewers so my duties rotate bi-weekly from the brewhouse to the cellar Chris: For the readers who may be new to brewing what do you mean by “the cellar”? BRIAN-OMMEGANG: Well the term cellar refers to the lagering hall. Its called the cellar because it was typically the lowest point in the building, and they would rely on gravity to move the beer from the kettle to fermentors and then to packaging. BRIAN-OMMEGANG: So this is where the wort ferments into beer and it is then chilled down, filtered into our bright beer tanks, prepped for bottling conditioning and then sent to the packaging hall Chris: And ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Gulf Relief Fund Benefit Festival Announcement

Beer Geek Nation Has teamed up with Abita beer and Southern Comfort to help raise funds for the Gulf! 10% of all Soco sales will be donated to the Gulf Relief Fund. Special bottles of Abita S.O.S beer will be available to raise money for their Save Our Shores campaign. Park Tavern’s favorite party band, COWBOY MOUTH returns! Music begins at 6pm and COWBOY MOUTH hits the stage at 8pm. Entertainment also includes the hottest DJ in Atlanta DJ MONEY SHOT Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Presents: BeerichiTuba Tours Karl Strauss Brewing & other San Diego bars video

Here is a quick video that BeerichiTuba filmed while visiting the beer mecca that is San Diego. He got to visit the smaller Karl Straus brew pub where he had some amazing sample and then they move on to 2 very cool looking San Diego beer bars! They finish out at a bar that has The Bruery’s Cotton on tap!! Ugggg to live on the East Coast just sucks after watching a video like this. Stay tuned for more of his trip. Down Town Johnny Brown’s Tap List Hamiltons Tavers Karl Strauss Brewing Read More »