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Beer Geek Nation presents TMOH: Southern Tier Farmer’s Tan Imperial Pale Lager Video Beer Review

Neolithic humans evolved from nomadic hunters into a more settled agricultural society, changing life forever. The ‘founder’ crops they raised included wheat and barley. It is little surprise that the first examples of brewing appeared during this age. Brewers owe much to the epoch. Similarly, we thank our farmer friends of today for cultivating the ingredients the are responsible for the beers we now enjoy. Their laborious days spent ourdoors under the hot sun earn them respect, as well as a mark of distinction: the farmer’s tan. Yes, the inevitable red and white hallmark of hard work. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Beer Review: Troegs Dead Reckoning Porter

The Troegs fall seasonal offering before Mad Elf is Dead Reckoning.   I have been told by a source at the brewery that this hoppy porter is now (after the death of the nut brown ale) the lowest selling beer from the brewery.  Upon pouring the bottle into a pint glass a strong two finger eggshell tinted head forms and leaves a strong lacing on the glass as it settles into a thin band.  The beer is black with deep hints when placed in direct light.  There is a mixture of hop aromas and strong malty hints with every smell.  This beer comes in at 53 ibu’s and uses Chinook and vanguard hops.  Dead reckoning tastes first of strong citrus hops and then the hops are washed away with the porter maltiness.  I taste faint hints of coffee and bitter chocolate, but the hops come ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Gulf Relief Fund Benefit Festival Announcement

Beer Geek Nation Has teamed up with Abita beer and Southern Comfort to help raise funds for the Gulf! 10% of all Soco sales will be donated to the Gulf Relief Fund. Special bottles of Abita S.O.S beer will be available to raise money for their Save Our Shores campaign. Park Tavern’s favorite party band, COWBOY MOUTH returns! Music begins at 6pm and COWBOY MOUTH hits the stage at 8pm. Entertainment also includes the hottest DJ in Atlanta DJ MONEY SHOT Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents: TMOH Brooklyn Monster Ale video review

Brooklyn Monster Ale is a classic barley wine, a style of ale originally brewed by the butlers to the English and American aristocracy. It is brewed from three mashes of heirloom British malt and spiced with aromatic American Willamette, Cascade and Fuggle hops. After four months of aging, it has a magnificent burnished copper color, an aroma redolent of sherry, citrusy hops and fruit, a soft, warming, complex palate, a spiritous finish, and a strength of 10.8%. It is vivacious when young, but will age gracefully for many years, becoming more complex over time. Food Matches Brooklyn Monster Ale is a fine accompaniment to cheeses, ice cream, flourless cakes, crème brulee and good cigars. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation Presents: BeerichiTuba Tours Karl Strauss Brewing & other San Diego bars video

Here is a quick video that BeerichiTuba filmed while visiting the beer mecca that is San Diego. He got to visit the smaller Karl Straus brew pub where he had some amazing sample and then they move on to 2 very cool looking San Diego beer bars! They finish out at a bar that has The Bruery’s Cotton on tap!! Ugggg to live on the East Coast just sucks after watching a video like this. Stay tuned for more of his trip. Down Town Johnny Brown’s Tap List Hamiltons Tavers Karl Strauss Brewing Read More »