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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Variety Pack 2017

A collection of 12 collaboration beers from breweries all over the world. Cheers! Read More »

Sierra Nevada Ginger Bigfoot (Worst of 2016?) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

http://www.qualityliquorstore.com http://www/twitch.tv/beergeekgaming http://facebook.com/beergeeknation http://www.beergeeknation.com Tweets by beergeeknation Ginger Bigfoot Sierra Nevada 11.1% ABV Beer Geek Nation Rating: C- Ale aged in whiskey barrels with ginger added. Read More »

Lets Rant About Sierra Nevada for 11 Minutes | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews

Today on BGN I rant for 11 minutes about what I feel is wrong with Sierra Nevada. You can never take away what they have contributed to craft beer but I just feel that they may be resting on their laurels. What are your thoughts? Read More »

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp (2016) 6 Beers | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

6 new collaboration beers between 31 different breweries. Check out the review to see what I thought. Cheers! Read More »

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Maillard’s Odyssey | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

This is a special barrel aged version of our Beer Camp Across America collaboration with Bell’s Brewery. This robust ale is layered with complex flavors of caramel, chocolate, and coffee, coupled with notes of vanilla an coconut from nearly 16 months of aging in bourbon barrels. Read More »

Stone / Sierra Nevada NxS IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

For many, California is considered an epicenter for brewing innovation, particularly where hoppy IPAs are concerned. We teamed up with longtime craft compatriots and mutual hop admirers Sierra Nevada to create a truly one-of-a-kind IPA. This special-edition beer conveys the true character of collaboration with touches of inventiveness and creativity. Two batches of an IPA were brewed and expertly blended to craft this multilayered beer. The first batch was split down the middle, with 50% being aged in gin-infused bourbon barrels and the remaining half aged in rye whiskey barrels. These beers were blended with the fresh second batch of IPA, which was generously dry-hopped to impart rich aromas to accompany the citrusy, piney, woody, herbaceous flavors achieved from this truly one-of-a-kind collaboration. Read More »

Sierra Nevada Ovila Dubbel – Barrel Aged | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Belgian-style dubbel aged in wine and bourbon barrels. Read More »

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Hop Hunter IPA harnesses the complex flavors of just-picked hops through an all-new method of steam distilling wet hops before they even leave the fields. This revolutionary technique captures and intensifies the natural flavors, creating a unique and intensely aromatic beer. Our custom process gathers pure hop oil which, when combined with traditional whole-cone hops in the brew kettle and in our Hop Torpedo, makes for an incredible IPA experience. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter Video Beer Review

We’re ever watchful in developments of whole-cone hops, and Hop Hunter features a rare varietal that’s new to brew kettles. We’re captivated by its pronounced aromas of blueberry and blackberry that precede a bright and lemony flavor with a semi-dry and smooth finish. Read More »

Sierra Nevada / Boulevard Terra Incognita (Batch 3) | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews

A Belgian-American blend of two terroirs. Brewed at Sierra Nevada. Terra Incognita debuted in 2012 at the prestigious SAVOR craft beer and food event. With our friends from Boulevard Brewing Co. we wanted to showcase the strong sense of place, or terroir, that our breweries share. What emerged is a Belgian-American fusion that defies traditional beer classification. Terra Incognita’s third rendition features complex and earthy malt flavors enhanced by a masterful blend of character from barrel aging in both red wine and bourbon barrels that add notes of tart fruit, vanilla, and coconut. Read More »