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Port Brewing 11th Anniversary Imperial IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Using Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe hops and dry-hopping with Columbus, Amarillo and Citra, Anniversary Ale has an intensely hoppy body with fresh tones of pine and citrus. A seasonal release that will satisfy any hop-head who has the pleasure to try it. In addition, we don’t want to make people “wait in line” to try an amazing IPA, so we also bottle it! Read More »

Port Brewing Santas Little Helper Barrel Aged | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

The Beer Geek Nation review for the bourbon barrel aged version of Santa’s Little Helper. Cheers! Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing Board Meeting Video Beer Review

Port Brewing beers are typically boldly-flavored American and hop-forward West Coast style ales or lagers, and Board Meeting Brown Ale is no exception. An amplified brown ale, the beer is brewed with liberal additions of coffee from local San Diego roasters, Ryan Brothers, and cocoa nibs sourced from famed San Francisco chocolate maker TCHO. Alcohol by volume is 8.5%. “Board Meeting offers the malty richness and assertive hop presence that you expect in an American brown ale, but enhanced with pronounced roasted coffee and bitter chocolate aromas and flavors,” Arthur said. “I think people will enjoy this beer by itself and at the table paired with meat dishes like pork, roasts and barbeque. I imagine it’d be pretty good washing down a sausage omelet at breakfast too.” Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing Hop 15 Video Beer Review

WARNING: This was one of two bottles I bought. The second bottle had even less carbonation and was much harder to drink in which case I would have scored it lower. Get it on draft if you can. First brewed in 2002 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original Pizza Port location in Solana Beach, we searched high and low and combined 15 of our favorite hops which were added every 15 minutes to the boil. Somewhat darker than other Double IPA style beers, our beer oozes the hop goodness of pine needles, freshly squeezed citrus and ground spices which are only moderately tempered by a sweet malt finish. Thankfully, for all of us hopheads, we have decided to brew this beer more than once a year. Look for Hop 15 to make appearances from time to time when space permits us to ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing Wipeout IPA Video Beer Review

With 78 IBUs. Our version of a West Coast IPA- brewed in the San Diego style. This massively hoppy beer gets its flavor and attitude from no less than five hop varieties including Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Simcoe and Summit. Read More »

Port Brewing Shark Attack Double Red Ale | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 304

This is a classic West Coast-style imperial red ale brewed with medium crystal malts, centennial and cascade hops. The color is a burnt amber with red highlights and the aroma has a spicy hop presence with moderate caramel malt accents. The taste is a smooth, malty one with a balanced hoppy finish that includes hints of sweet caramel. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing Hot Rocks Lager Video Beer Review

Collaboration Stein beer from Tomme Arthur and Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing. It’s not too often the brewing process requires us to make beer in a mind over matter sort of way. Hot Rocks Lager presented us an opportunity to work with Tonya Cornett of Bend Brewing Co. on a collaborative project. Working with our brewers to bring her recipe to fruition, she decided to “Rock It” old school. You see, not too long ago, brewers produced beers by pulling glowing orange rocks from raging fires. The sizzling rocks were heated until they glowed like hot magma and were then dropped into the wort causing it to boil. Smoke, steam and volcanic rolling boils became the hallmarks of what German brewers call “Stein Beer”. Hot Rocks Lager was brewed this way and transported us back in time. The production of this beer made for ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: La Cruda Porter Video Beer Review

La Cruda, or Makanudo Porter as it was known back in 1996, was one of the first beers Tomme ever brewed as a professional. At the time Tomme was assistant to Troy Hojel, head brewer at Cervezerias La Cruda (roughly: “the hangover brewery”), a new brewpub in downtown San Diego. La Cruda’s brewhouse wasn’t quite up and running early enough, so Troy and Tomme approached another brewer, Skip Virgilio, the former brewer at Pacific Beach Brew House, about brewing a beer at Skip’s new brewery, AleSmith. Skip consented and the three proceeded to brew a robust porter recipe by Troy that they named Makanudo Porter (yes, Makanudo with a “k”). It was the worst selling beer in La Cruda’s brief 12 month lifespan, but it also won a gold medal at the 1996 Great American Beer Festival — only the third medal to be ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing (5th) Anniversary Ale Video Beer Review

A massively hopped strong pale ale brewed to celebrate our anniversary each year. Anniversary Ale is light gold to pale orange in color and offers a potent aroma of fresh pine and citrus with some warming alcohols present.The taste is a thick, chewy hop presence only barely contained by balancing malts. The finish is pure hop expression with a moderate warming alcohol sensation. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Port Brewing Midnight Expression Video Beer Review

It’s not often that a great summer swell coincides with a full moon, but when they collide, nature affords us a rare opportunity to paddle out long after everyone has called it a day. These moments are a solitary pursuit with empty lineups, but those who carve graceful lines under a full moon understand how things can be dark lonely and rewarding at the same time. So next time you paddle in from an overcrowded beach break, remember that nothing tastes better than a cold beer after a session. We suggest a glass of this smooth roasty black lager for contemplating empty lineups and waves that go on for days. Most likely, you’ll long for epic summer swells under moon lit sessions opening the doors to isolation and empty secret spots of an age trying to pass us by. Read More »