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Coney Island Hard Root Beer | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

The gypsy should have predicted this.The most dignified beverage of days past, reimagined for your future self. The wooden planks under your feet and a hot dog in your hand; the only difference is that now you?re tall enough to ride the ride. Read More »

Belching Beaver Great Lei Pineapple IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Ivan made a cask he called Pineapple Colada IPA. I could not believe how great it was. So Troy came up with a commercial recipe and brewed it. i thought, “Wow!” Lets call this the “Aloha Beaver” and we came up with this cool Hawaiian label. Well Thomas didn’t like that name so i had to change it. Mark had put a really cool lei on the beaver and I though, “That’s a Great Lei!”. We’re not that imaginative so Great Lei IPA it is! ABV: 6.6% – Read More »

BGN Brewery Spotlight: Milwaukee Brewing Co | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

In this episode of BGN Brewery Spotlight we take a look at 5 beers from Milwaukee Brewing Co. The beers in question are Hop Freak Imperial IPA, Sasquash Pumpkin Porter, Hop Happy IPA,O-Gii and Walk Off Tripel. Cheers! Read More »

Samuel Adams Utopias (27% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

To create Utopias, the brewers at Sam Adams used traditional brewing ingredients including all four types of Noble hops, which add a slightly earthy, herbal taste. The spiciness of the hops really comes alive. In fact, Utopias MMII has even been described by some as almost “fiery” — a fitting description for the strongest beer in history. Beyond the special brand of hops, Utopias features ingredients that truly set it apart from other varieties of beer. Utopias MMII contains caramel and Vienna malts for its rich amber color and several different types of yeast including a variety found in champagne. $100 a bottle and it’s limited to 3000 bottles, which look like copper brew kettles. Read More »

Clown Shoes Rexx (Bourbon Barrel Aged) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

We like dinosaurs. We especially like Rexx, our prehistoric pal who wears clown shoes, drinks bourbon, and spends his doomed days in exile from the other Tyrannosauruses, choosing to romp with friendlier beasts. Rexx, we dedicate this Imperial Red Ale aged in Heaven Hill and Four Roses bourbon barrels to you buddy. Read More »

Abita Macchiato Espresso Milk Stout | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Macchiato is made with pale, caramel, chocolate, and roasted malts. Oats and lactose are added to give the beer a more robust and sweeter taste. The sweetness of the lactose helps balance the bitterness of the brew just like in the coffee drink, which is our inspiration. The roasted malts give the beer its dark color as well as its intense flavor and aroma. Willamette hops are added to balance out the sweetness of the malts. Finally, PJ’s Coffee espresso dolce beans are added to the aging tank. This gives the beer a strong coffee flavor and aroma that compliments the existing flavors of the malt. Read More »