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Samuel Adams Double Bock (9.5% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Samuel Adams Double Bock is brewed with a half pound of malt in each bottle, almost enough for a loaf of bread. This rich intense, lager reveals a deep mahogany color and velvety smooth flavor. Samuel Adams Double Bock is one of our most sought after brews. Enjoy! Read More »

Ommegang Game of Thrones #6 – Seven Kingdoms | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Seven Hells! Seven Kingdoms Hoppy Wheat Ale, the newest beer in the Game of Thrones series from HBO Global Licensing and Brewery Ommegang, is slated to debut this spring ahead of the premiere of season six of HBO’s critically-acclaimed and Emmy award-winning show. The brew will be available all throughout the realm – the United States that is – both on draft and in large-format 750ml bottles. Seven Kingdoms is a marriage of a traditional Belgian-style wheat and a hop-forward American ale – but unlike so many of the marriages on the show, the resulting hoppy wheat is pleasant, playful and inspired. At 6.9% ABV, it possesses a nuanced complexity that pairs nicely with the hop-forward characteristics that make it surprisingly refreshing. “We love bringing as much inspiration, thoughtfulness and creativity to the Game of Thrones beers as we can,” said Mike McManus, Innovation ... Read More »

Samuel Adams Double Pilsner (8.6% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Our audacious single hop brew uses an abundance of Hallertau Mittelfrueh Noble nops, showcasing their spicy and citrus aroma and character. This prized hop is one of the original varieties from the Bavarian growing region, revered for its unique taste and aromatic profile. Read More »

Cellarmaker Dank Williams (Best West Coast Double IPA?) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Double IPA w/many hops (the Dank puns will never end)… Read More »

Founders KBS (2016 vintage) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

A bit of backwoods pleasure without the banjo. This strong stout is brewed with a hint of coffee and vanilla then aged in oak bourbon barrels. Our process ensures that strong bourbon undertones come through in the finish in every batch we brew. We recommend decanting at room temperature and best enjoyed in a brandy snifter. Read More »

Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

A massive, roasted, malt-forward American Trappist take on the Anglo-Russo Imperial Stout tradition. Luxuriantly frothy foam, waves of coffee, chocolate, and caramel sensations, a generous blend of dark fruit flavors. Intense and robust. St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts is home to a community of Trappist monks and the first American Trappist brewery. Following the Benedictine tradition of ora et labora (prayer and work), the monks pursue a simple life of contemplative prayer, manual labor and hospitality. The brewery helps support the monks and their charitable outreach. Read More »