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Clown Shoes Crasher In The Rye (Rye and Bourbon Barrel Aged) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Imperial oatmeal milk stout aged in rye and bourbon barrels. Read More »

Stone Imperial Russian Stout – Chai Spiced | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

This one-time-only beer, a fascinating addition to our “Odd Beers for Odd Years” series, incorporates cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger, a dash of black pepper and a dose of black tea to emulate the aroma and taste of authentic chai tea. Combine these strikingly piquant ingredients with the classic version of Stone Imperial Russian Stout?with its incumbent flavors of chocolate, black currants, coffee and roastiness?and an already profoundly rewarding beer ascends to new, flavorful dimensions. Read More »

BrewDog Cocoa Psycho (10% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

A 10% decadent and indulgent Imperial Russian Stout. Brewed with a copious amount of dark malts, infused with coffee beans during the boil and after fermentation and aged on cacao nibs, vanilla pods and toasted oak chips. This opulent whirl of chocolate, coffee, dark malts and hops even rivals the most colourful of imperial Faberge eggs. Originally created to celebrate the Russian Royal Family, this is a fitting tribute with which to toast your own empire. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Bourbon Barrel Aged Video Beer Review

Imperial Biscotti Break aged on Bourbon barrels for 9 months. Read More »

Stone Fyodor’s Classic (Bourbon Barrel Stone IRS) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Just one wooden barrel of this beer was produced. The beer is Stone Imperial Russian Stout, and it was aged for about a year in a used bourbon barrel. From that wooden cask, we were only able to keg up very little. Expect to see the next appearance of this at the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens after it opens early this summer. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Stone Fyodor’s Classic (’13 Bourbon Barrel Aged IRS) Video Beer Review

2013 Stone Imperial Russian Stout aged in bourbon barrels. Read More »

Cigar City Double Barrel Aged Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Cigar City’s Hunahpu’s imperial stout aged 50% aged in Rum barrels, 50% aged in Apple Brandy barrels. Beer geek nation craft beer reviews Read More »

Stone Espresso Imperial Russian Stout (11% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Stone Imperial Russian Stout is so thick, rich and well, sinful, you might worry that you’ll be doomed to the fiery pits just for thinking about a sip. It almsot seems evil. Rest assured, however, that even though this seemingly pernicious brew is indeed as black as sin, we guarantee that no actual sin was committed in it’s production…you’ll have to add that on your own. This Odd Year addition was brewed in the authentic, historical style of an imperial russian stout, but with the addition of several hundred pounds of espresso beans from our friends at Ryan Bros. Coffee. Actually, this could be considered historically accurate, since the Russian nobility were as fond of earthy breakfast beverages as they were of hearty dark beers. Catherine the Great herself bolstered her finesse for ruling an empire by drinking five cups of black coffee every ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: AleSmith Speedway Stout Video Beer Review

Speedway Stout is a HUGE Imperial Stout, with pounds and pounds of coffee added during conditioning for a little extra kick! This is a limited-edition Formula and it’ll definitely get you racing! It is available in 750 ml. champagne bottles. Appearance: Jet Black, with a toast-brown head. Flavor: Starts with a strong coffee and dark chocolate sensation, then fades to a multitude of toasty, roasty and caramelly flavors. Finishes with a nice fullness but dry enough not to be cloying. Aroma: COFFEE! And some other stuff. And coffee. Mouthfeel (body/texture): Velvety smooth texture. Clean and crisp, full-bodied. Warmth from the high alcohol content lightens up the feel a bit. Still, you won’t fool your taste buds — this beer is HUGE! Read More »

Stone Brewing Imperial Russian Stout (2012) | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 330

Brewed in the authentic historical style of an Imperial Russian Stout, this beer is massive. Intensely aromatic (notes of anise, black currants, coffee, roastiness and alcohol) and heavy on the palate, this brew goes where few can – and fewer dare even try. The style originated from Czarist Russia’s demand for ever thicker English stouts. Expect our version of this mysterious brew to pour like Siberian crude and taste even heavier! Read More »