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Green Flash Palate Wrecker | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 317

Palate Wrecker was originally brewed for the Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Anniversary celebration. It’s the most complicated West Coast–inspired IPA we have ever brewed—mashing and sparging with hopped wort, in addition to our hop layering regimen for IPA. We use almost 6 lbs/bbl of Columbus and Centennial hops to create this very bitter hop monster (tested at 149 IBU and no extracts in case you were wondering). By popular demand, it is now released for the world to enjoy (even though this be isn’t for everyone, only the real hop heads!!!). Cheers! – Chuck Silva – Brewmaster – Green Flash Brewing Read More »

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA (DFH’s Best IPA?) | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 315

Johnny Cask has entered the building! We’ve retrofitted a 15 barrel tank to perfectly produce a very special cask conditioned ale (so, we have a little time to play around during winters at the Delaware coast). This beer, known as Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is a blend of 60 and 90 Minute IPAs with a special whole leaf cascade dry-hopping session. Post-hopping the beer gest transferred into firkins and dosed with fresh yeast and maple syrup from the ole family homestead (actually the first batch will be re-fermented with maple syrup from the farm up the road from ours since ours won’t be ready until late March. Read More »

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum (2012 Batch!) | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 312

A group of hop-heads and publicans challenged our Beer Camp brewers to push the extremes of whole-cone hop brewing. The result is this: a 100 IBU, whole-cone hurricane of flavor. Simply put- Hoptimum: the biggest whole-cone IPA we have ever produced. Aggressively hopped, dry-hopped and torpedoed with our exclusive new hop varieties for ultra-intense flavors and aromas. Hops, hops and more hops are the stars of this big, whole-cone Imperial IPA. Resinous ‘new-school’ and exclusive hop varieties carry the bold and aromatic nose. The flavor follows the aroma with layers of aggressive hoppiness, featuring notes of grapefruit rind, rose, lilac, cedar and tropical fruit – all culminating in a dry and lasting finish. Read More »

Three Floyds Zombie Dust | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 243

A medium bodied single hop pale ale showcasing Citra hop from the Yakima Valley, U.S.A. Read More »

Kern River Citra DIPA | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 236

A double IPA that is hazy pale in color with a strong pungent aroma that comes from large amounts of Citra hops. The alcohol content is 8% Read More »

Deschutes Hop Trip | Beer Geek Nation Video Beer Reviews Episode 120

Part of the Bond Street Series. This Fresh Hop Pale Ale is all about celebrating the hop harvest in the fall. Fresh picked hops have to be added to the brew immediately and in abundance. Roughly 270 pounds of Crystal hops from Doug Weathers’ farm outside Salem, Oregon will be added to the 50 barrel batch in addition to some dry kilned whole flower hops. That adds up to approximately 5.5 pounds of hops per barrel brewed. Read More »

Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale 2010 | Beer Geek Nation Video Beer Reviews Episode 108

Far and away one of the freshed most incredible smelling beers you will ever have. Sierra Nevada really pours everything they have into this beer and it is a shining example of how an “estate” ale should be done. Here in the sun-drenched fields of California’s North Valley, the black soil is rich with promise. In winter, rows of barley seed are laid in the freshly tilled dirt. In spring, trellises are set for hops. From our fields comes a remarkable homegrown ale, made with organic wet hops and barley grown at our brewery here in Chico and one of the few estate-made ales produced anywhere in the world! This Estate Ale is rich with the flavors of the valley—featuring hops with earthy, grapefruit-like flavors and layered spicy aromas and barley with mild sweetness and smooth, toasted flavors. Together, these crops grow alongside the ... Read More »

Beer Geek Nation present TMOH:Mikkeller 1000 IBU Barrel Aged video beer review

This is Peters aka The Master of Hoppets 150th video  beer review! So he decided to break out the good stuff, Mikkeller 1000 IBU Barrel Aged. This is next to impossible to get in the US so if you want it you’ll need to find someone in Denmark. Cheers! Brewery: Mikkeller Beer: Mikkeller 1000 IBU Barrel Aged Style: Double/Imperial IPA Location: Brewed by Mikkeller (Copenhagen Denmark), at De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi-Hijfte, Belgium. ABV: 9,6% Rating: 88/100 Website: http://www.mikkeller.dk/ Read More »