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Ballantine India Pale Ale (Hipsters Rejoice! Its Good!) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Well color me surprised. This beer was really good! Pabst nailed it. Check out the review to see how it works. First introduced in America in the late 1800’s Ballantine IPA was a beer for connoisseurs. It has been credited as an inspirational influence for the present day craft beer revolution in America. Handcrafted by our master brewers, this delightfully hoppy brew resurrects its deep heritage and storied past to embody an IPA worthy of the original Ballantine name. For well over a century the interlocking Borromeran Rings showcased on our label have come to signify Purity, Body, & Flavor, just like the delicious Ballantine IPA inside. We hope you enjoy it. Read More »

Drink Without Getting Drunk..? | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Jim Koch recently made the claim that you can drink without getting drunk by ingesting active yeast before each beer. In this video I discuss the process and whether or not i will work. Read More »

Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA (Best of 2014?) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

The beer previously known as Alchemy Hour was one of my favorite beers of 2013. Well now it is back under it’s new name Chillwave Double IPA. Check out my review to see why I thought this new release from Great Lakes was such a great beer. Cheers! From the brewer: “Distinctively American, the Double IPA or Imperial IPA is thought to have originated in California. This fairly new style is a heartier, hoppier version of the traditional IPA with a higher alcohol content, creating a very strong and flavorful drinking experience. Flavor: Hop-forward with a balanced blend of Mosaic and Nugget hops Ingredients: MALT Harrington 2-Row Base Malt: Allows color and flavor from other specialty malts to come through; makes for very clean beer Caramel 45: Contributes to amber color; provides complexity Honey Malt: Contributes sweetness HOPS Mosaic: New U.S. hop; provides floral, ... Read More »

Firestone Walker Sucaba (2014) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Today on BGN we take a look at the 2014 batch of Firestone Walkers bourbon barrel aged barlewine called Sucaba. Check out the review to see what I thought. Cheers! “Big boozy bourbon and American oak aromas combined with soft chocolate malty undertones. Complex malt flavors framed in oak, with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, tobacco, coconut and just a touch of dark cherry. This is definitely a sipping beer, best served in a brandy snifter. This ale pairs well with dark chocolate and sturdy cheeses.” Read More »

“Crafting a Nation” Craft Beer Documentary Movie Review

“Crafting A Nation”, directed and produced by Thomas Kolicko, is a great documentary for anyone who has ever thought that they might be interested in building and opening their own brewery or brewpub. While the film is a wonderful testament to the efforts of craft brewers throughout the United States and their positive impact on local economies, it can also be viewed as a cautionary tale to those who think that professional craft brewing might be an easy task. “Crafting A Nation” follows Denver brothers Branden and Chad Miller as they, and their family, build Black Shirt Brewery. From financing the enterprise to dealing with unexpected obstacles such as proper water supply and meeting electrical codes, this movie places the stark realities of opening a brewpub in the limelight – expressed clearly through the fact that the only time you see the Miller brothers ... Read More »

Maine Beer Lunch (Best of 2014?) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Our “East Coast” version of a West Coast-style IPA. Intense hop flavors and aromas of tropical and citrus fruits and pine dominate. A subtle malt sweetness brings the beer into balance. Beer geek nation craft beer reviews Read More »

Boulevard Smokestack Series Imperial Stout (2013)| Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

From the brewery: “Like India Pale Ale, Imperial Stouts were originally brewed with high percentages of malt and hops to help them withstand the rigors of a long sea journey, not to India but to Imperial Russia and the Baltic States. Our version is an over-the-top riff on the style, with a huge grain bill featuring several kinds of malted barley, wheat, rye, and oats. A portion of the batch has been aged in whiskey barrels, then blended with fresh ale before bottling. Za Vas!” Beer Geek Nation craft beer reviews Read More »

Hardywood Gingerbread Stout (Gingerbread cookie beer?!)| Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Brewed with baby ginger from Casselmonte Farm and wildflower honey from Bearer Farms, Hardywood Gingerbread Stout captures the terroir of central Virginia in a rich, creamy libation with a velvety mouthfeel and an intriguing evolution of flavors from milk chocolate and vanilla to honeycomb and cinnamon to a snap of ginger in the finish. Deep, dark chocolate in color with a mahogany tint and a frothy, caramel colored head, Hardywood Gingerbread Stout offers aromatics of holiday spice originating from the ginger, and balanced with a generous dose of whole Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and Vietnamese cinnamon. Milk sugar (lactose) contributes to the full body of this stout and tames its roasty character, while oats lend a silky quality. Enjoy fresh, or cellar for a special occasion. We hope Hardywood Gingerbread Stout contributes to your merriment this season. Read More »

BGN Visits Troegs Brewing | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Just a quick look at a recent visit to Troegs Brewing my local brewery. Had some great beer including Splinter Brown and their re-release of Impending Descent. Also had some great food there which you can check out as well. Cheers! Read More »

New Belgium Hop Kitchen Fresh Hop IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Hops are the one great beer spice. They are not used for anything else besides spicing beer and the varieties are almost endless! Dried hops, which, though more stable after they’re dried, lose some of the aromatic oils in the hops. So why not create a beer abounding in all of that fresh, oily goodness? If you can pick and brew with those hops within 48 hours, all that extra oil can be soaked up in the beer to make a richer hop flavor. Add in that the fresh hops we used are Salmon Safe (the hop growers are focused on keeping the water clean downstream from the hop fields), and you have a winner of a beer both taste- and environment-wise! Salmon Safe Oregon Hops: In a nutshell, it’s all about keeping the water clean at and downstream of agricultural areas. To get ... Read More »