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Beer Geek Nation Beer Review: Sly Fox Route 113 India Pale Ale

Today I will be reviewing Sly Fox’s Route 113 India Pale Ale.   113 is available in both 22oz bottles and 12oz cans.  I will be reviewing from a 22oz bottle.  This beer is 7% alcohol and 113 IBU’s to match the name.  This beer poured a crisp medium amber color  into a pint glass.  My vigorous pour  created a finger width of head that quickly died to a thin skim of bubbles that left some but not much lacing on the glass.   113 smells of hops and I identified cascade immediately but could smell other unidentifiable spicy hops in the mix.  With a little research on the Sly Fox website I found there where a total five hops with a mix of American and Noble hop varieties within the beer.  I tasted this beer and was surprised by presence of roasted malt flavors mingling with hop bitters at the tip of my tongue.  This being said the roasted notes are quickly surpassed by the bitterness on the roof of my mouth back.  A spicy hop character carries on into the after taste balanced by again roast flavors.  Hence this beer does not have a dry finish and is in line with east coast IPAs.  I think that 113 is a great but not incredible IPA.  This aside for 7% alcohol and priced as a six pack of cans for $10.50 and the 22oz for about $7, Route 113 is a very drinkable beer at a fairly reasonable price.  I give Sly Fox 113 IPA a B+.

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