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Beer Geek Nation Beer Review: DogFish Head Festina Peche

I have heard good things about this beer so I picked up at 12 bottle at my local shop the Brass Rail.  Festina Peche is a Berliner Weiss style beer flavored with peach extract and comes in at 4.5% alcohol.  Though not a true Berliner Weiss I was excited to try this beer.  I had read about the style but had not tried one.  This review is to style as I have read it, as have not tasted one.

Festina pours thin and  cloudy with no head.  Carbonation is high and I smell a slight citrus with a bit of peach.  This beer is very light on the palate with an acidic twang on the tongue.  I taste puckering peach that is sweet and sour on my tongue.  There is a malt character at the very end but it is subdued by the peach and sour flavors.  This is an easy drinker of a beer  and is very refreshing on a hot summer day.

According to what I have read this beer is to style.  Traditionally this style of beer is offered with syrups to sweeten the sourness.   I think right now that Dogfish has cleverly bottled this experience for any beer geek to sample.  This is my first plunge into the Berliner Weiss style but Festina Peche tempts me the craft beer drinker to try more and different examples of this brew.

I would normally be wary to grade the first example of a style of beer.  I feel however, that for matching my expectations and for its taste, Festina Peche is  a confident B+.

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