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Stone Enjoy After 10.31.15 Brett IPA | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

What you hold in your hands is an experiment. This IPA is spiked at bottling with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that, over time, brings about charmingly unpredictable complexities of spice, funk, acidity, and more. The operative words in our beer-cellaring thesis are “over time.” For those of you who are impatient or like to experiment, the earliest we recommend sampling this beer is 10.31.14. The beer won’t be fully carbonated until that date. Ideally, you’ll want to cellar the beer up to–or beyond–the Enjoy After date to help it reach its full evolutionary potential. At that point, some facets of the Brett characteristics will have mellowed, while others will have become more profound; it all matures into a fascinating and delicious culmination. Individual results will vary…and that’s both the beauty and the intent behind this beer. Read More »

Victory Wild Devil Ale | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Bold, spicy, menacingly delicious HopDevil takes on an entirely new dimension when subjected to a wild yeast fermentation. A sharp, sourish edge has been added by this fermentations that plays into the caramel sweet malt deliciously and creates complex interplay with citrus accented hops. Originally made in 2008-9, remade in 2014. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze (2009 and 2013) Video Beer Review

In Belgian brewing there are fantastic wild ales brewed with naturally occurring yeast. These beers develop over time and are ready on their own terms. Duck Duck Gooze is our homage to these effervescent and wonderfully complex sparkling beers. A blend of young and old barrel aged beers we expect this to be one of our most sought after beers year after year as it will be released in very small quantities. Read More »

Mikkeller Invasion Farmhouse IPA (8% ABV) | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

This Mikkeller was brewed in Alaska, at Anchorage Brewing Co. The Invasion title marks an unofficial series of beers from Mikkeller brewed stateside in the United States. (The brewery has done some stateside collaborations before, but the Invasions are the first on their own.) Invasion Farmhouse IPA is brewed with brettanomyces yeast. beer geek nation craft beer reviews Read More »

Goose Island Sofie Paradisi | Beer Geek Nation Craft Beer Reviews

Meet a variant of Goose Island Sofie: Sofie Paradisi. Sofie, as you have come to know and love her, is a saison brewed with orange peel and aged in wine barrels. Keep citrus in the family, Paradisi uses grapefruit. Beer geek nation craft beer reviews. 60% Ale aged in barrels with grapefruit, 40% ale. Style: Saison (w/ Grapefruit, Barrel Aged) Availability: Draft only, as of 2/12/13 6.7% ABV Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze Golden Blend Video Beer Review

The Golden Blend is made with 4 year old Lambic that accounts for 25 % of it’s contents, the rest of the blend is made up by a “secret” combination of 1, 2 and 3 year old Lambic. The exact mixture is only known by the master-blender Armand himself. The name “Golden Blend” is not far away from the truth, in fact, the 4 years of maturation in oak-wooden barrels is making this particular Lambic very expensive. Due to the “evaporation” through the barrels, only a small percentage of the lambic is left over after 4 years of maturing. Read More »

New Belgium/Lost Abbey Brett Beer (Lips of Faith) | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 363

New Belgium Brewing and The Lost Abbey brewery from San Marcos, California have a shared passion for a variety of things, not the least of which is the wild Belgian yeast brettanomyces. So they decided to join forces and collaborate. Lost Abbey Collaboration is brewed simply with pale malts accompanied by Target, Centennial and Sorachi hops for a hint of citrus. Focusing on their mutual respect for the ingredient, the spotlight shines on the brettanomyces, where a full brett fermentation offers bold pineapple overtones and funky, sour edge. The beer is a shining, golden shade and is warming and dry. Lost Abbey Collaboration is available on draft and in 22-ounce bombers. Read More »

Goose Island Sofie | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 357

80% Belgian Style Ale, 20% Belgian Style Ale aged in wine barrels with citrus peel. Champagne color, white pepper aroma, citrus & vanilla flavor, sparkling body. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: The Bruery Mother Funker Video Beer Review

Mother Funker is a sour blonde ale that has been aged for several years in barrels predominately used for Chardonnay. Mother Funker is a seriously sour beer, perhaps the most sour beer we’ve produced so far. Bursting with citrus, funk, and a hint of white vinegar, Mother Funker is for those who like their sours with more sour. Read More »

Beer Geek Nation presents San Diego Beer Vlog: Haandbryggeriet Krøkkebic Video Beer Review

Sour Ale brewed with Crowberries. Read More »