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“Crafting a Nation” Craft Beer Documentary Movie Review

“Crafting A Nation”, directed and produced by Thomas Kolicko, is a great documentary for anyone who has ever thought that they might be interested in building and opening their own brewery or brewpub. While the film is a wonderful testament to the efforts of craft brewers throughout the United States and their positive impact on local economies, it can also be viewed as a cautionary tale to those who think that professional craft brewing might be an easy task. “Crafting A Nation” follows Denver brothers Branden and Chad Miller as they, and their family, build Black Shirt Brewery. From financing the enterprise to dealing with unexpected obstacles such as proper water supply and meeting electrical codes, this movie places the stark realities of opening a brewpub in the limelight – expressed clearly through the fact that the only time you see the Miller brothers ... Read More »

BGN Review of The Craft Beer Kitchen: An elevated approach to cooking with beer

On September 4, 2013, Chef Cooper D. Brunk released “The Craft Beer Kitchen:  An elevated approach to cooking with beer” for Kindle download on Amazon.com. The book serves two purposes:  to share Chef Brunk’s beer centric recipes and to generate charitable donations to fight hunger in the United States.  This cookbook incorporates beer into every recipe and is written with the educated beer drinker in mind.  Some of the recipes showcase craft beer as the main flavor, while others provide just a hint of brew. There are over 100 recipes, from Appetizers, Soups and Salads to Entrees and Desserts, varying in palettes of flavors and difficulty of preparation.  Noteworthy recipes include the Scotch Egg, a hard boiled egg surrounded in Italian sausage and served with a Wee Heavy Mustard Sauce, and the Simple Roast Chicken Rubbed with IPA Butter.  The flavorful Grilled Rack of ... Read More »