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Beer Geek Nation’s Patreon Campaign!

Beer Geek Nation’s Patreon Campaign!

First off thank you all for taking the time to check out and even consider contributing to the Beer Geek Nation Patreon campaign. This Patreon campaign will finally allow me the opportunity to take BGN to where I envisioned being when I started 7 years ago. This last 7 years I have focused on craft beer reviews 99% of the time, with your help I want to expand the coverage of BGN and move into editorial videos about craft beer as well as stepping up my home brewing videos. Now this does not mean that the reviews are going away, in fact just the contrary. If we meet our goal of $1000 a month I will be able to move to a 5 day per week format and will be able to do even more beer reviews while still allowing me to create craft beer editorials and home brewing content as well. Again I can not thank all of you enough for even giving me your precious time and consideration and I hope that you decide to contribute and join me on the next leg of the journey for Beer Geek Nation.


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Clinical lab scientist by day, beer geek by night.