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Beer Geek Nation Beer Review: Green Flash Brewing Hop Head Red

Green Flash brewing out of San Diego, CA is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries. To say they are consistent is the understatement of the century. They produce extremely high quality beers full of that west coast hop goodness we have all come to love.

Their Hop Head Red is no exception to the rule. Traditionally Red ales tend to be nice sessionable malt delivery systems without being to over the top. Light caramel characteristics from toasted malts mix together with a slight frutiness from the yeast strain which is traditionally a dry Irish ale strain..traditionally. Green Flash basically took this style and made it their own which they have done in the past with their Trippel and their Belgian IPA, Le Freak. This red ale screams west coast from the mountain tops.

The appearance is a gorgeous deep dark red with a slight off white head. There is a bit of haze but not like an unfiltered beer. The aroma is present as soon as the bottle cap is removed. Citrus and pine notes are dominant in the nose on this one. Being that it is only 46 IBU’s I was not expecting nearly as much hop aroma as there actually turned out to be. The taste is nice and hoppy (pine and citrus dominate) with very subtle, yet balanced, sweet malt notes. There is no mistaking this is a west coast beer but at the same time they do not stray to far from the tradition of caramel malts being the star of the show.

When its all said and done this is not my favorite Green Flash beer but it is still an excellent showing for them. Hoppy but balanced perfectly with the malt and coming in at 6.4% ABV this is a beer that you will want to have a few of. This is a year round offering from them so if you can get Green Flash beers you should be able to get this beer without any issues. If you need a comparable beer to get an idea of the taste of the Hop Head Red, the beer that came to my mind while I was drinking this one was Bear Republics Red Rocket, another West Coast hoppy red ale.

Beer Geek Nation Rating:A-
Beer Advocate Rating: A-
Rate Beer Rating: 98/100

Green Flash Brewing Hop Head Red Ale
6.40% ABV
Availability: Year Round
States Available: California, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC

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