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About Beer Geek Nation

photoWhy craft beer? I get asked that questions all the time. My love for craft beer started about 10 years ago when I purchased my first homebrew kit. From that fateful day on I was intrigued by the process of brewing beer and creating something with my own hands that is a product that you can share with others. With that said, I was not brewing anything great for those first few batches and I was still in college so I was drinking the “old college standards” a.k.a Rolling Rock and Natty Ice and my thinking was that all beer tastes the same so what is the point of paying money for those “fancy” beers.

That frame of mind changed two years later when I visited my first craft brewery, Troegs Brewing. That single Saturday afternoon started the ball rolling on what is now Beer Geek Nation. How you ask? Well, I can sum it up with two words, Nugget Nectar. That beer single handedly changed what I thought I knew about beer. The aroma was of grapefruit and citrus, the flavor matched the aroma perfectly with a big citrus bite and a solid malt backbone to balance it all out. The beer had immense flavor! Flavor unlike any beer that I had had up to that point. My mind was blown! What was going on?! How could a beer tastes like grapefruit?! Then I found the answer to my questions. Hops.

Up to that point I was told by the macro brewers that hops were bad. That they made beer bitter, which was the opposite of what I thought beer should be. Nope friends it was hops and Nugget Nectar that shifted my craft beer paradigm. From there on out I was on the search to find any IPA or Imperial IPA just to experience these different flavors. Little did I know that this would lead me down the rabbit hole to various other styles that I had never tried or even heard of.  Armed with this newly discovered passion for flavorful beers I searched high and low for any new beer that I could try.

By trade I am a clinical laboratory scientist so it is in my nature to analyze and want to know what makes up the beer that I am enjoying now. This is about when I started to ramp up my home brewing and eventually switched to all grain batches. I loved the idea of using different ingredients and dialing in a beer to the exact flavor profile I wanted. Skip a head a few years and a few thousand beers and Beer Geek Nation was born out of an idea to just document beers I was having at the time. Nothing more, nothing less. Once I realized there were people out there just as passionate if not more then me about craft beer I was hooked into the idea of providing quality craft beer reviews to hard core beer geeks and new beer geeks a like.